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Hello World! Processing in Mons for la Quinzaine du numérique

No frontierLa Quinzaine du numérique gathers a series of activities about free culture and digital culture. In the framework of this event, we will be in Mons (Belgium), thanks to Arts2, The Art school of Mons, to present Hello World! Processing and participate to a roundtable about free licenses applied to artworks, a topic that is always good to highlight.

Hello World! Processing will be shown the 24th of September at 10 am. The roundtanle will begin at 11 am.

Further information here:



Hello World! Processing shown in AlhondigaBilbao

Hello World! Processing deals with the representation of processes through aesthetics and design results thanks to coding and more specially to Processing.
That’s why, in the framework of the workshop “Creative coding – Arte generativo” where bases of generative artworks will be explored, Hello World! Processing will be shown as an additional manner to understand how to use coding to create art.

It will be shown the 12th of September at 8 p.m. in AlhondigaBilbao.

Further information here



Hello World! Processing in the Nordic Creative Commons film festival

The 30th of August will begin in stockholm the Nordic Creative Commons film festival. Its goal is to support and to showcase free audiovisual projects.
Hello World! Processing will be one of the documentary shown during the festival in the “Remix” category.

You’ll find more details on the festival here:

Thanks to the Nordic Creative Commons film festival!



Hello World! Processing in…Processing website!

This Tuesday, like most of Processing users, we went in the new Processing webpage to download the 2.0. version. And, we had the fantastic surprise to see there Hello World! Processing!
The consequence of it was immediate and and we had again many visits as during the first days of the publication

But that’s not about numbers. We are really glad to see that the documentary has been welcomed in such benevolent way by the creators of the language and by the members of the community who contribute to its improvement, to the emergence of new uses and to its creation. In some way, with this embedding, a circle is closed. The documentary is a shared point of view on Processing today that come back to its origin.
We really hope that in some years, a new documentary will screen a new and different interpretation on the Processing to come :-)

Special thanks to Casey Reas and Ben Fry.



In K-Meleón 2013

A new projection of Hello World! Processing will take place today in León (Spain) in the framework of the festival K-Maleón 2013.

K-Maleón is a festival about free culture that highlights artistic and social proposals that works with the idea of collectivity.
So, from the 30th of May to the 16th of June, the festival offers each day activities to discover this culture that is shared and that is made to be sharable.

In the movie cycle “Muestra cine CC 2013”, Hello World! Processing will be shown today, monday the 3th of June, at 8:15 pm.
That’s a new opportunity to see Hello World! Processing and to exchange you feelings about it and to discuss it.



More projections! Madrid and Barcelona

The Hello World! Processing tour is going on: thanks to Ciball and festival BccN, Hello World! Processing will be shown in Madrid the 8th of May and in Barcelona the 10th.

Diversión // Fun time

First, the 8th of May at 07:00pm, in Ciball. Ciball is a center for innovation open to everyone that offers workshops and presentations linked to the use of technology. Among others subjects, they deal with programming and specially with Processing, hosting ProcessingMadrid sessions.

Festival BccN, then, was born in 2010 and is a copiable festival! With a totally free programmation – works under free licenses -, the festival makes visible a series of works and encourages their circulation by the creation of free editions in towns like Madrid, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Roma, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Tijuana, San José, Tegucigalpa, far from the franchise model for events very dynamic today.
Festival BccN scheduled Hello World! Processing the 10th of May at 18h00.

These two events are new opportunities to see Hello World! Processing. Moreover, after the projections, part of the team will be present to share his experience and discuss the documentary.



Hello World! Processing in the #8FestCulturaLibre

Thanks to the 8th free culture festival at the Invisible, Hello World! Processing will be shown in Malaga.



The #8FestCulturaLibre it’s a week full of presentations, debates, artistic experimentations, projections and workshops that show the several faces of free culture and its impact into the field of creation.
From the 19th to the 26th, you will have the opportunity to attend one activity the day, an arduino workshop, projections, an encounter for artists, sound and interactive experimentations, etc..

if you are around Malaga, it is worth going!

Hello World! Processing will be shown the 24th of April at 6:00 pm. We hope you’ll enjoy it. And thanks to the medialab of the Invisible!



Projection in Medialab Prado

The Show is OnThe next 11th of April, Hello World! Processing will be shown.

The projection will take place in Medialab Prado in the framework of Libre Graphics, an event that gathers programmers and designers from all around the world to work with tools for open source coding and graphic design.

We are glad to see the documentary shown in this framework given that Processing is an open source programming tool and because the documentary itself is the product of several audiovisual collages and aims to be the starting point to new creations.

We hope you will be with us.

Practical information:

11th of April at 09:30 pm in Medialab Prado.

Attention, Medialab Prado is about to move. The event will take place in the Antigua serrería belga, plaza de las Letras. C/ Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid




They keep speaking :-)

During the first days of Hello World! Processing, audience was mostly international and engaged with Processing. But, in the last days, the documentary seems to have reached more people and specially the spanish version. This is due to all the persons who wrote on Hello World! Processing.

- Microsiervos, thanks to Wincho,

- Euskadi Innova,

-, with a text that deals with algorithms impact on modeling and controlling our world,

Thanks to all!



First projection of Hello World! Processing: in Orlando!


52 Weeks of Photos- Week 7- People

That’s fantastic!

The first projection of our documentary Hello World! Processing will take place in Orlando! That’s really what we dreamed of, let the documentary take life through Community.

So, if you are around Orlando the 2nd of April, you will be able to see it in the Familab during the kickoff meeting of Processing Orlando.

Here all the information you need to attend this event:

For the kickoff meeting of Processing Orlando, we are going to be screening Hello World! Processing, the first in a documentary series on open creative programming languages. This first one is focused on Processing and runs about 40 minutes. This screening will take place during FamiLAB’s open house at 8pm on April 2nd.
What: Hello World! Processing, a short documentary film on creative coding
Who: Anyone interested in learning about how creative people are using programming, whether or not you know what Processing is.
When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 8pm
Where: FamiLAB, 1355 Bennett Drive, Longwood FL 32750, in unit 129
How: This event is free, but please RSVP for the April 2nd FamiLAB Open House
More information :

Big thanks to Nathan who emailed us to tell us this great news! We really hope that more projections will take place.